Milngavie has a lot to offer visitors as a centrally located base to stay in Scotland. It has lots of attractions, just a short train journey from Glasgow, along with lots of country walks and outstanding scenery.

Lillie Art Gallery Attraction

This is a purpose built gallery opened in 1962. It owes its existence to local banker and artist Robert Lillie (1867-1949), who left a substantial number of his own artworks as well as funds to build the gallery. Since 1962, this founding bequest of artworks has been developed to form a collection of Scottish art dating from the 1880s to the present day. Around 450 works are contained in the collection, which includes paintings, prints, drawings and a small collection of sculpture and ceramics.

Opening Times:
Tuesday – Saturday
10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm

Where: The Lillie is directly opposite Milngavie Train Station and only minutes away from Milngavie town centre. Car parking is available and there are regular bus services from Glasgow which stop at Milngavie Train Station.

Allander Water Fish Ladder

Migrating salmon and sea trout travel each autumn from the sea by way of the River Clyde and Kelvin to the Allander River to spawn. Before the construction of the fish ladder in 1999, their progress was obstructed by the weirs built for the corn and paper mills in Milngavie. The paper mills also heavily polluted the river water. Both mills finally closed in the late 1950’s.

Where: To view the fish ladder head down the path to the right of the West Highland Way Obelisk and pass The Fraser Centre and M&S Car Park (on the right).

Milngavie Clock

Milngavie Town Centre Clock

This three-faced clock was an original feature of Copland And Lye on 165 Sauchiehall Street. The Clock was gifted to Milngavie when it was pedestrianised; and at the top of the clock you can see the C & L symbol.

Gavin’s Mill Wheel

Gavin’s Mill is an ancient corn mill on the banks of the Allander Water in Milngavie. The Wheel is located at the side of Gavin’s Mill building on 3 Gavin’s Mill Road, Milngavie.

View the famous wheel in motion on Gavin’s Mill Facebook page.

West Highland Way Obelisk

West Highland Way Obelisk

Visit the start of the West Highland Way in Milngavie Town Centre. The West Highland Way begins in the heart of Milngavie, marked by a stone obelisk on pedestrianised Douglas Street.

Milngavie Mural

Take a visit to the Milngavie mural. This stunning mural was created in 2019, on the underpass from Milngavie Tesco and Gavin’s Mill to the precinct, illustrating the West Highland Way trail route and highlighting the many animals roaming in the Scottish Highland.

Antonine Wall

The Antonine Wall was both a physical barrier and a symbol of the Roman Empire’s power and control. It was never a stone ‘wall’, but consisted of a turf rampart fronted by a wide and deep ditch. The line of the Antonine Wall crosses five modern local authorities (East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire); and there are a number of sites and museums in each

Over time, the industrial and commercial heartland of Scotland has grown around it yet, unbelievably, one-third of its total length is still visible today. Archaeological excavations have demonstrated that much of the rest survives well beneath both fields and urban areas. Forts and fortlets provided accommodation for the troops stationed on the frontier and acted as secure crossing points to control movement north and south. Behind the rampart, all the forts were linked by a road, known as the Military Way.

Part of the Antonine Wall can be viewed locally from Bearsden. View The Antonine Wall downloadable leaflet here and view their interactive Antonine Wall map here.

Antonine Bathhouse

Bearsden was one of 16 known forts along the Antonine Wall, which was built across Scotland’s central belt from AD 140. The wall formed the north-western frontier of the Roman Empire. Visit the exposed remains of a Roman bath-house and latrine block within the area of the fort’s annexe in Roman Road, Bearsden. This is just a short walk and drive from Milngavie town centre. For more information about the Roman Bathhouse click on The Antonine Wall Website here.

Local Walks

Milngavie local walks

There is so much more to Milngavie than the start of the West Highland Way, with a number of challenging walks that start and end in Milngavie. See our local walks sections here.

The Town Centre

Milngavie has a vibrant town precinct with lots of independent retailers, along with food and drink outlets, owned and run by local business people.