Milngavie is a vibrant town in Central Scotland, full of culture, history and architecture. It is also the official starting point of the West Highland Way and is a town with a plan.

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Milngavie town centre grew into a minor industrial centre in the nineteenth century, with paper mills and bleach works on the nearby Allander Water. Some remnants of that industry can still be seen today.

In 1859, Queen Victoria opened the Milngavie reservoir complex which is made up of the Craigmaddie and Mugdock reservoirs. Their combined capacity of 548 million gallons provides the main water supply for Glasgow.

Milngavie grew again with the arrival of the railway in 1863 and, with it, the ability to commute to Glasgow. This led to the construction of stone-built homes for wealthy citizens and there has been significant further expansion in the years since.

Milngavie now has a population circa 14,000. Properties in Milngavie and neighbouring Bearsden command some of the highest house prices in Scotland and this has led to the village’s reputation as an exclusive and aspirational residential area. Milngavie has beautiful open countryside on our doorstep, excellent local schools, a rich and varied social and cultural scene and very active clubs, associations and community groups of all descriptions.


The domain name was established the early 1990’s to promote all that Milngavie had to offer to live, work, invest and learn. 

Since then digital technology has changed significantly with social media, mobile devices and super-fast WiFi.  For almost 25 years the website has promoted local businesses using a paid subscriber business model to fund the costs of maintenance and updating.

In March 2019 the domain was taken over by the Milngavie Town Centre BID Ltd for the mutual benefit of all Milngavie businesses and community.


The independent, commercial approach to running meant the digital content did not reflect the reality of the real world. This is a common problem for  Destination Management (DMO) websites aiming to promote all that a location has to offer; and the reason we have changed our ethos and business model. We’ve redesigned the website the way we believe it should be built and used for the benefit of everyone with an interest in Milngavie.

Town Centre First Principle

This website follows the Town Centre First Principle. Towns are challenged continually by changes to the way we do business – whether this is loss of industry, manufacturing or shops, or changes arising from technology and digital connectivity.

The aim is to support towns to adapt to these changes, so that they continue to meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors. Sustainable regeneration of our towns can only be achieved through collaboration and investment which include or are led by local communities [Source].


Our aim is to considerably improve the user experience on by implementing the following:-

1. Provide accurate information about all businesses by type in categories and sub categories to reflect reality at any moment in time.

2. Provide a fully comprehensive, hyper local, information resource that’s continually updated.

3. Explain who all Milngavie main stakeholders are and how they relate to each other.

4. Generate meaningful engagement with the local community.

5. Provide a genuinely trusted information resource that will be valued by local people and visitors for current and future generations.

Free Use Of Milngavie.Co.Uk

Once the COVID-19 crisis and UK lock down is over, we have to get the economic prosperity and social well being of Milngavie going again. We are offering all services in full totally FREE to all businesses, community groups, charities, home workers, freelancers. Basically, anyone who wants to have a presence on can have it for no charge.

The Milngavie Town Centre BID Ltd has funded all costs associated with including a recent re-development of the website for the benefit of the whole of Milngavie.

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