Tesco are proud to support the business aim of reducing 1 billion pieces of plastic by the end of 2020.

Milngavie Tesco plastic reduction
Store Manager Dean and Community Champion Evelyn

This change applies to all plastic wrapped tinned multipacks sold at Tesco. The removal of multi-pack plastic packaging will mean tins will be available individually, with no extra plastic holding them together. Milngavie’s Tesco store manager, Dean Conway said “The whole team at Tesco are proud to support the business’s commitment to reducing plastic and doing our bit to help minimize waste.”

According to Tesco, 183,000 tinned multipacks are bought every day at Tesco, which equates to 350 tonnes of plastic in the environment. More than 40% of Tesco customers include multipacks in their shop with baked beans, tuna, tinned tomatoes and soup being the most frequently bought items.

The new guidelines, which came into force on Monday 2nd March 2020, will see the removal of plastic packaging on baked beans, sweetcorn, soup and tinned tomatoes. While Tesco will not place any new orders for plastic multi-packs, it will continue to sell remaining stock and this initiative will help eliminate 67 million pieces of plastic in their efforts to cut down on waste.

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