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Keep it Local 2019


Scotland’s Towns Week is this 18-24 November. This is the annual celebration of the nation’s towns and city districts as well as all those organisations and individuals who support Scotland’s places. Please see below for how to support the campaign this year.

Coordinated by Scotland’s Towns Partnership and Scotland’s Improvement Districts, Scotland’s Towns Week is a great chance to collaborate, share best practice, interests and opportunities, and ultimately to help bring life, vitality and vibrancy back into our town centres. Read more here.

West Highland Way Signs
West Highland Way signs feature each stop off point from Milngavie to Fort William

We are very pleased to announce that Milngavie has been shortlisted in the Future Town’s Design competition, for our work completed to date and plans to expand on the theme “Milngavie, the walking and cycling town”.

In the first Milngavie BID term, the business improvement district commissioned architects Page\Park to design the display boards to represent the start of the West Highland Way. Below are further design sketches to show how we are planning to expand on this theme.

This projects is detailed in our five year business plan that was voted for by over 150 businesses in Milngavie.

Graeme Ross Milngavie BID Chair commented “The Milngavie BID, having worked very successfully with Page\Park last year on an artwork project at the start of the West Highland Way, are delighted to be working with them again to further improve and enhance the public realm of Milngavie Town Centre. This new and exciting project, which will be themed around the amazing walking and cycling opportunities in the locale and beyond, has only been possible with help, encouragement and funding from East Dunbartonshire Council.

Throughout the year, walkers from around the world converge on Milngavie to embark on the ninety-six mile journey to Fort William.

However, the West Highland Way is only one of a number of trails to and from the town. Together, these have earned Milngavie its reputation as a ‘walking and cycling town’.

In 2018 a regeneration project was completed by Milngavie BID and Page\Park, which breathed new life into the starting point of the West Highland Way. This new project aims to build on the community engagement and design identity established in the previous phase, share information about other walks, and provide key navigational information that will make these more accessible to a greater number of people.

These proposals are grouped notionally into phases, and are subject to further design development and the support of local authorities, businesses, and residents.

They represent a vision for the town centre as a destination for people of all ages, nationalities, and abilities, and as an attractive home for locals and businesses – the proud hosts upon whom all of these trails depend.

Milngavie’s competition entry can be seen here.

The latest versions of the eye level sketches can be seen below. Viewers will recognize the BT Phone box as a location reference point and appreciate the development of the space alongside the children’s play park.

walks start visuals from Page\Park
Design visuals presented to Milngavie Town Centre BID Ltd for initial feedback. Other Milngavie community groups will be consulted during the development phase of the project.