Last Friday afternoon, the Milngavie BID team handed out the protective screens and social distancing floor stickers to Milngavie businesses to prepare for after lockdown.

The precinct had a very positive feel to it with sensible, socially distancing, people queuing for food shopping and ice-creams; and strolling around getting their daily exercise. This is a very positive sign for after lockdown that Milngavie is well equipped to bounce back.

The screens and floor stickers have been very well received as just one of the measures implemented by the Milngavie BID to help shoppers, and business owners feel safe after lockdown is eased over the coming weeks and months.

On Sunday, Milngavie efforts during lockdown and preparations being made once all businesses are allowed to re-open, were featured in the Herald Scotland

Coronavirus in Scotland: How retailers are preparing the fightback in preparation for reopening (Herald Scotland, Sun14 June 2020)

The article began “It has been a difficult enough challenge for town centres and independent retailers in their battle to survive in recent years.

Online shopping and out of town malls are just some of the threats which local towns and high streets have had to contend with and negotiating their way through a global pandemic has become the latest crisis they have had to steer through.

However, there is optimism among some in the sector that shopping local might be a priority for consumers as retail is slowly opened up after lockdown.”

The reference to online shopping in Milngavie has been embraced, with a sizable number of traders already trading online before the COVID-19 crisis and more who have made a rapid entry into the online world of e-commerce, and making a great success of their efforts. Businesses are planning to continue to make online shopping as part of their business after lockdown.

Extract from Herald relating to Milngavie:

“Milngavie BID has proved to be a vital lifeline of digital support for local businesses during COVID-19 lockdown with grant money being used to help get some traders online for the first time.

Traders are being assisted without charge to set up e-commerce websites, while businesses that are already selling on-line are being offered marketing guidance.

The BID has enabled businesses to start selling on-line and with no costs incurred for site development, digital marketing or hosting for six months.

So far, several businesses, including Driftwood Lifestyle, The Dress Shop, Ruby Red Gifts and Elba Gallery, have set up new e-commerce websites.

Graeme Ross, chair of Milngavie BID, said: “It has been very positive to see the take up of the digital support and the results of the new e-commerce websites.

“Within hours of the new trading websites going live, on-line orders started to come in. This has mainly been from local residents and a few new customers.

“I think coming out of lockdown we just don’t know how things will work out. However, we are doing things to make sure we are ready. We have seen more people walk through the town and we are very lucky that we are in an area where we hope people will support local businesses.”

Reaction to the Article has been very positive and encouraging on social media

Milngavie businesses are now preparing for a new life after lockdown and really looking forward to seeing all their customers once again in a new and #safeMilngavie.

Many will still continue with their Click, Collect, Deliver service that has been so important over the last few months for Milngavie residents, who have been supporting local businesses through this very difficult time.

Milngavie preparation for after lockdown. Milngavie safe distancing floors tickers



Thank You for Shopping Local

Milngavie preparation for after lockdown. Milngavie safe distancing floors tickers

While the non-essential shops are still closed to the public, a mention to local business owners who have use the time to paint the railings around Milngavie. Repair and maintenance of the small things make a huge difference to the impression of Milngavie for visitors and residents.

Social Media reaction has also been extremely positive to the efforts of Driftwood Lifestyle.

Shout out to Driftwood Lifestyle

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