African art is being exhibited in Glasgow Feb 2020

The Milngavie BID team were fortunate to recently meet with Josephine Oboh-Macleod who is based in her art studio in Station Road, Milngavie. She is an inspirational lady who is very keen to get involved in Milngavie’s community activities and will be participating in our Window Wanderland event later this month. Josephine has launched an art exhibition in Glasgow this month, and we are pleased to be able to provide you with the details and background .

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Kaleidoscope:  Bringing contemporary African Art into focus
February 5th to  February 28th 2020

An exhibition of some of Africa’s most talented and respected current artists in The Glasgow Academy’s West End campus.

An exhibition celebrating art, and in particular African Art, as a contributor to world unity, economy, culture and humanity. Humankind is known to have its earliest origin in Africa. Africans have since excelled in various art forms.  African art is known to have inspired international artists such as Modigliani, Picasso, Giacometti, Matisse, the Paris movement and many more; to this day African art remains intriguing, exotic and powerful.

Lambhill Stables exhibition

“As part of our aim to develop the global outlook of our community, The Glasgow Academy is very proud to be working in collaboration with Johfrim Art and Design in hosting this unique collection of contemporary African Art.” said Matthew Pearce, The Glasgow Academy Rector.  “In bringing to The Academy this celebration of art and culture – from the ancestral beginning to present day contemporary African Artists – we celebrate also the rich diversity of our own community.”

About Johfrim Art and Design

Started over 30 years ago as a private collection for some of the team members,  Johfrim Art & Design, an affiliation of The Kakofoni Group has an extensive collection of unique artworks & other exquisite items. Johfrim Art & Design also practices in interiors, garden and landscape design & architectural services.

Josephine Oboh-Macleod
Josephine Oboh-Macleod

Studio Address – Johfrim Art and Design,
26A Station Road,
Glasgow, G62 8AB
Email –
+44 7900 396707 or +44 7530 942342