with Judy Murray and Lorna Quinn from The Dress Shop, Milngavie

Lorna Quinn and Judy Murray

Tennis legend Judy Murray is inviting women across Scotland and beyond to take part in a live online event full of fashion, fun and mutual support.

The free event, which will be streamed live on Instagram at 7pm on Sunday 07 June, will focus on how women are juggling work, children and caring responsibilities during lockdown, with participants encouraged to share their own stories of how they are coping with the many challenges. 

The event is being co-hosted by Lorna Quinn, owner of The Dress Shop in Milngavie, a fashion institution in Glasgow and beyond for more than 25 years. 

Like many small independent shops, Lorna’s business has been badly impacted by coronavirus. But she has adapted quickly by launching an online boutique and learning how social media can help businesses serve new and existing customers.  

Lorna will be joining Judy, a valued customer, in a discussion about how fashion and sport are catalysts for helping women stay positive and fit during lockdown and giving advice on styles and fits for women at a time when they are expected to play so many different roles. 

The pair want to hear from participants. How have you risen to your new challenges during lockdown? What do you do to keep yourselves and dependents motivated? How have you changed during lockdown and how do you hope to emerge when we can live and work freely again? Judy and Lorna will be talking about their own experiences while picking up hints and tips from the participants, including Judy’s thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. 

Judy will also be answering questions on her own amazing journey, from tennis coach and mother of two Wimbledon champions to finding her own voice as a motivator and businesswoman. 

The fun and uplifting event will also allow participants to see the latest collections from the Dress Shop while enjoying a tipple in the comfort of their home. They will also get access to an exclusive discount code. 

Judy Murray says: “I am a huge believer in women supporting women in both business and sport, and I am looking forward to teaming up with Lorna to talk fashion and forehands with her gang. She is a big tennis fan and I love how she has adapted her business to provide an online service and stay connected with her customers during this pandemic.”

The Dress Shop owner Lorna said: “The Dress Shop is an established boutique catering for woman aged 35-plus, a group the high street tends to forget about. My purpose is to offer beautiful collections for every woman and I want my customers to feel empowered and fabulous for any occasion, from picking the kids up from school to running a board meeting or watching Wimbledon.” 

“I think this been hard time for everyone and women have been juggling a number of hats, and we women don’t always put ourselves first. During lockdown many of us have lost our support networks and I think we have realised just how important that is for us – a chat and a catch-up with a friend”.

“There might be days when we don’t feel so great and just having someone to talk to and share that with is very important. I know I have been missing the regular contact with people who usually come in and out of the shop.”

When it was announced the country was going into lockdown, Lorna had fears for the future of her business but then a lifeline came along which transformed it.

“I had no idea what we were going to do. We were facing the prospect of a closed shop and I had no idea how we would come out of it,” Lorna said.

“However, Milngavie is in a BID area, business improvement district, and money had been made available to help people get online. It has been a lifeline for me and we have been able to move the business online and with a little help from my sister Sally we have been able to develop our social media platforms as she is an absolute whizz with that kind of thing.”

The Dress Shop which is now online has created a social media buzz on Facebook and Instagram, building a community of likeminded woman. Go online at www.thedresshop-glasgow.co.uk to see more, including collections and videos.  

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Background Information

The Dress Shop website was developed using an established e-commerce website called Shopify.com

The work is funded by the BID Resilience Fund awarded to the Milngavie BID from Scotland’s Improvement Districts.

Working with the Milngavie BID team, additional sales channels are being integrated to the online shop with a Facebook shop, Instagram and the Milngavie Digital High Street – Click, Collect, Deliver service.

Any business in Milngavie who pays a levy can contact the BID team to set up an e-commerce trading website to get their business selling online and via social media.